What is a good CTR (Click through rate) for Google Ads?

What are typical Click-Through Rates for Google Ads?

This varies with each market sector. Select a market sector below to see the average CTR for PPC Google Ads based on averages from over 2,200 campaigns.

Industry Google Ads CTR Benchmarks


 Why is your CTR important?

The CTR is only one part of paid search and does not involve any measurement of cost. So is it useful? Over 10 years ago the answer would have been no, not very important as the key metric is the cost per click or cost per conversion. This was when the CTR had no impact on the cost you pay for a click.

But after quality scores were introduced by Google, ad position and CPC became dependent on previous ad performance and the CTR became an important parameter. If you have an account with a low CTR you will be ranking lower and paying a higher price for clicks than an account with a better CTR.

In summary, measurement of CTR is important for any paid search campaign, and it is useful to benchmark your campaigns compared to others in a similar industry.

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