eCommerce PPC - Areas of Expertise

ExtraDigital have managed eCommerce paid search campaigns for many different online shops across a very broad range of products including:

  • PPC advertising for products on shopsAntiques
  • Artwork
  • Cameras
  • Chairs
  • Compost
  • Craft materials
  • Cruises
  • Digital maps
  • DIY tools
  • DVDs
  • Event vouchers
  • Gardening supplies
  • Gifts
  • Female hygiene
  • Flowers
  • Furniture
  • High end hi fi equipment
  • Labels
  • Ladders
  • Medical products
  • Mobile phones
  • Office products
  • Photo frames
  • Phones
  • Professional video cameras
  • Security equipment
  • Sheet metal
  • Sheet music
  • Stationary
  • Tables
  • Tiles
  • T shirts
  • Uniform
  • Videos

We hope the above shows the breadth of expertise of ExtraDigital in managing PPC campaigns for a wide range of online shops. We can apply our management expertise to most products, and cover most languages as well.

PPC for eCommerce is different from PPC for lead generation.

The main difference is the ability to accurately record ROI as you have detailed information on both the advertising cost and the sale value. Cost of sales can either be applied as an average across all products or by product line or by individual product.

This means eCommerce PPC is very competitive. In markets with tie in or repetitive purchases the PPC bidprice to be seen on the top page can be higher than the value of the product. This is because a longer life cycle of the consumer is considered in evaluating the sales value.

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