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UGI Corporation is one of the dominant international companies within the LPG market. The company distributes safe, reliable, and affordable natural gas and electrical power to over 17 countries in western and central Europe, and operates under seven distinct brands. 

ExtraDigital were approached to design a website catered to their German market and customers,


ExtraDigital has experience with German-language marketing, but we still believe it is essential to conduct new market research for each client to formulate the right requirements for their specific market. This included coming up with target audience personas, researching German users, culture, and languages, picking out effective domain names, SEO recommendations, and doing a competitor's analysis to see what techniques are effective.


We were able to deliver a customer-centric design for UGI's new German website. The advised website wireframe, design and structures considered their ideal personas and their journey, as well as considering the length of German words. Below are some additional suggestions we made: 

  • Website wireframe design that is marketing and sales-focused, as well as prioritised user experience (UX)
  • Creating a Homepage that works well with all their target personas
  • Add different types of content that are relevant and helpful to drive engagement,  including environment credentials, government grants, laws and policies
  • Navigation menus to be clear and simple
  • Including clear CTAs, tag lines and fact-based contents across the site and integrating live chat
  • Including awards, certificates, and customer reviews to showcase the company's credentials will help build trust


This project required a lot of research and communication with the client. The client was very pleased with the process and the end result, our team is proud to say this work converted into an ongoing marketing retainer. Keep an eye on our case studies to see initial results from this new work, in the next few weeks!

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