The Opal, online Jewellery retailer

The Opal
The Opal

CLIENT: The Opal

SERVICES: Magento eCommerce SEO, Development and Care Plan 


The Opal is an Online Jewellery retailer based here in the UK. They offer a broad range of fashion and silver jewellery, available for women of all ages. Their range includes popular and modern designs in necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets.

The Opal was looking for a trusted partner to handle their SEO and ongoing development to help increase traffic and sales while also improving performance. 

ExtraDigital had the solid reputation they were looking for coupled with expert knowledge and the ability to handle everything in-house. Their team also gave The Opal flexibility to grow the partnership over time at pace with their needs and budget.

ExtraDigital advised:

  • A comprehensive tailored marketing strategy
  • Detailed research into keywords, target audience and competition
  • An agile marketing plan based on a quarterly strategy and monthly schedule.
  • Regular on and off-site SEO
  • Regular technical SEO
  • Monthly care plan to support and look after the website


ExtraDigital's development and care plan packages are a great way to make regular improvements to your site, while also keeping it in top working order. 

Since starting work on The Opal in the Spring of 2017 we have already created a fresh homepage look, new blog, improved search engine indexing, reduced crawl errors, added structured data and improved performance. Currently, we are working on adding reviews and gift cards to the site.

Under the care plan, we monitor the health and performance of the site plus check and install updates to the Magento platform and any modules. The plan also gives the client monthly resources for on request updates and investigation so that any issues can be quickly addressed.

Although not originally developed by ExtraDigital our skilled team have had no trouble getting to grips with the site and have worked hard to improve the code and performance in a very short amount of time.


Although the main focus has been on SEO at ExtraDigital we put what's best for our clients first and with The Opal, we knew we also needed to include some social media, domain authority building and blogger outreach.

We have worked quickly to optimise category, product and site pages plus created blog articles for both on and off-site promotion.

The Opal benefits from our agile marketing approach that uses a quarterly strategy broken into a monthly schedule, this allows us to react quickly to changes in the market and site performance. 

Extensive keyword research underpins the marketing so we always know the best areas to target for any content and each month we focus on a specific segment area.


Month on month traffic and sales are increased and The Opal brand is growing both in domain authority and recognition. The jewellery market is very competitive with many well-known big brands, however, the website is gaining greater visibility each month.

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