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Arabic Branding & Website Design

Arabic-English website Quilliam Foundation

ExtraDigital provided the design and development of an Arabic-English website to promote events and workshops for young people across North Africa.

Arabic Branding

Logo design

The first part of the project was design and branding and a logo based on a hexagonal shape representing the six partner countries was chosen.

Website design

The website was designed to be interactive with searchable events and resources that could be filtered by country or subject area. A bilingual content management system (CMS) was supplied with multiple levels of editor access to allow coordinators and editors on a country basis or for the whole website.

ExtraDigital also provided Arabic language translation for many sections of the website.

If you are looking for website development in Arabic or and English-Arabic website, give us a call on +44(0)1227 68 68 98.

We can work in many other languages as well. Alternatively, tell us a little more about your requirements below.

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