Private Jet Charter - Arabic

Private Jet Charter -Arabic

CLIENT: Private Jet Charter - Arabic

SERVICES: Design & Development, Marketing


Private Jet Charter is one of the world’s leading private jet brokers in the world. Based in the UK, they have offices all over the world, but their main clientele is from the UK and UAE.


ExtraDigital were brought on to improve the design and UX of their current sites. On the Arabic site – we made some initial design changes that added in more CTA’s and gave an overall better UX and reflection of the service the company provides.

Private Jet Charter - Arabic


To provide a better service to their customers in different parts of the world, they wanted a website that was localised to the browser. As their .com and .ae sites were already on WordPress – we recommended creating the other language sites with WordPress Multisite. WordPress multisite allowed us to keep the same branding across websites, and the new language sites would still have the domain authority from the root domain privatejetcharter.

View the UK/US portfolio.

View the Russian portfolio.

In addition to the sites above, we also designed & developed language sites in the following languages:

  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French

Multilingual Websites from ExtraDigital

ExtraDigital have plenty of multilingual development experience, working in multiple languages over the years and many native speaking in-house staff.

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