Libyan Justice

Libyan Justice

CLIENT: Libyan Justice

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ExtraDigital is proud to reveal that our team designed and developed LFJL’s reporting site. LFJL, Lawyers for Justice in Libya, is a non-government organisation that works with lawyers, activists, and grassroots communities across Libya and other nations to seek justice and promote human rights within Libya. 

The independent human rights organisation came to us in 2019 intending to develop a professional-looking website that showcased key events involved in the Libyan conflict since 2011. At the same time, they required the information displayed to be clear, interactive, and provide a positive influence on future media coverage.


While the website needed to be interactive, it was equally important to work well and be accessible on desktops and mobile. This is possible by avoiding features such as popups which are usually blocked on many mobile phones and laptops.

Our web-developers suggested creating a WordPress site for LFJL as this is an easy to use CMS platform that offers a wide selection of add-ons for different functionalities. This allowed our developers to install a timeline plug-in to display the key events we mentioned above. This option also meant no ongoing licensing cost and that the company was not tied to one developer for ongoing maintenance and support works.

Libyan Justice


To keep the site exciting yet clear, we created a homepage that straight away displayed an interactive timeline presented vertically with different images and information appearing as you scroll down. The site was designed to look professional with smooth navigation and a consistent colour theme throughout the site

Lastly, as the website included a form asking users for their details, our developers ensured that the site was set with secure hosting with an SSL certificate. Doing so allows the connection between the web server and browser to be secure so that the information inputted by the users are kept safe and private. 

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