Bexley Domestic Abuse

Bexley Domestic Abuse

CLIENT: Bexley Domestic Abuse

SERVICES: Design & Development


Bexley Domestic Abuse Service provides information, support and guidance for Bexley residents relating to domestic and sexual abuse.

The service needed a new website design and required a safe exit button, to be accessible across mobile and desktop and easily editable. For this reason, we recommended designing and building it using WordPress; it is a versatile and manageable platform which is safe and secure for users.


Due to the nature of the service, we designed the site for mobile-first before scaling it up to be optimised for tablet, laptop and desktop, ensuring it is responsive across all three. The different sections of the site were agreed with the user, confirming that it was easily accessible and functional and had the information.

The majority of the functionality which the client requested came as standard with the WordPress site; however, the exit button is an additional function. We incorporated this module and it allowed users to quickly exit the site and remove the page if the user clicks back. This ensured their safety and discretion when using the site. 

Similarly, we included a contact form functionality which allows users to contact the service online safely and securely.

To enhance the user accessibility, we included the free Google translate plugin during set up, which allows you to Google translate your site into various languages. This allows for the site to become accessible to a broader audience and not just English speakers.

As part of our site set up, we optimised it to help ease its marketing. This included: a search-friendly URL, well-structured meta-information and a Google sitemap. Completing these SEO tasks meant that the site was in a good position to be indexed by Google for appearing on SERP.Bexley Domestic Abuse

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