Multilingual Web Design

We live in a multicultural world and due to developments in communication, led by the internet, businesses have even more opportunity to sell on a global stage.

The team here at ExtraDigital help businesses and organisations connect with global audiences through multilingual web designs tailored to each client and audience.

We utilise our marketing and web design experiences and expertise to build sites in over 20 languages. 

These languages include French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese among others.

Multilingual Web Design

Our Multilingual Experience

We have a decade of expertise in building effective and visually compelling multilingual websites for a wide range of sectors including:

  • Fashion and retail
  • Business services 
  • Education
  • Tourism

See our map below for areas of the world we have produced websites for.

multilingual web projects

ExtraDigital can provide a complete service from consultancy and translations, through to website launch and ongoing marketing.

We know that there are many factors at play when looking at a design for multiple languages. These include language translation and character sets as well as cultural translation all of which can influence key design decisions.

  • Translation: This should be done by a native speaker to get the best translation with the right context. Dates numbers and currency all have special considerations that are different for each language.
  • Character set: Different languages use different alphabets. Many Western European languages are based on the Latin alphabet, but there are differences in letters used and especially accents. Other languages are based on different scripts, for example, Cyrillic, these all require different character sets to be used within the website.
  • Text direction: Most Western languages are written left to right. The most common exceptions are Arabic and Hebrew which is written right to left. And of course, Chinese and Japanese which may be written top to bottom

You can learn more about Multilingual Website Design with our many educational blog posts on the subject:

CMS Platforms

We are happy to work with a wide number of different CMS platforms. 

With ExtraDigital we can help you find the perfect multilingual cms platform for your website including Joomla, Magento, and WordPress. 


Multilingual websites start from £6,000.

Costs vary depending on the size, platform, and functionality required.

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