Multilingual Social Media Marketing

Multilingual Social Media Marketing

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The prevalence of Social Media in today's society is hard to ignore. Most of our day-to-day interactions have been substituted by digital engagements and notifications to let our friends and loved ones know what we are up to. With people flocking to social media and interacting on a daily basis in their droves it's a market that holds huge potential for many brands, businesses and companies alike.

Here at ExtraDigital, we took to Social Media early, striking while the iron was hot. However, it appears the intensity and usage of social media are only due to increase. New innovations in the field are coming all the time and the fast-paced development of new technologies is opening further avenues for software developers to create new experiences online.

Our Social Media Marketing

We provide Social Media Marketing services to a range of clients. Our service is designed to ensure you are connecting with the right audiences, in the right medium, at the right time and on the right platforms. We provide total control of your social communications and interactions, ensuring that your brand and core message is consistent and effectively conveyed.

Take a look at our standard Social Media Marketing options.

Multilingual Social Media Marketing

Taking it Multilingual

Since honing our techniques with our clients within the UK, we have expanded our service to encompass our clients offering goods and services internationally,  utilising our expertise in multilingual development and marketing to provide a basis for effective social media management in a range of languages.

As part of our Multilingual Social Media Management, we provide ongoing consultation and work with our clients to develop a social strategy that with help achieve their end goals. We also consider brand management and advise on social tone, two factors that can have a massive impact on your audience online. This is extremely important when working in foreign territories where a good understanding of the local culture is vital for effective communication.

As with all our Social Media Marketing, concise reporting will form the basis for future activity and help identify successes across all of your marketing channels.

To see our multilingual social media marketing in action, take a look at our case study showcasing the excellent work and potential to be gained from effective brand communications on social media. The Royal Marsden is a prestigious client, who we are currently undertaking Arabic Social Media Marketing to provide leads for their international private sector.

Gain more insight from the Case Study...

Multilingual Social Media Experience

Our experience with social media doesn't stop at Arabic. Here are some other countries we've worked in with clients and produced successful social media management.

Your Next Step

If you're looking to connect with an audience on social media but don't know where to start, give us a call today. One of our experienced team can help you define your goals and propose a strategy to set you on the path to achieving them.

Due to the nature of Social Media, our pricing is completely bespoke and is based on your current social standing and project goals.

Contact ExtraDigital, and find out how we can help your business connect with audiences and potential customer around the world.

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