Technical Website Audit

Technical Website Audit

Website audits offered by ExtraDigital highlight and assess all the technical aspects of your website to identify any issues that may cause harm to your site and its performance.

This gives us the opportunity to make recommendations which may be required to resolve any issues efficiently and effectively.

A technical website audit can look into the following areas:

  • User experience: this often includes a review on the website’s responsiveness to different devices, functionality, accessibility and speed. These factors mainly determine whether user experience is poor, good or excellent.
  • Meta issues: these are very common issues concerned with metadata. 
  • Site errors such as blocked or not found pages
  • Content issues such as H1 headings and duplication
  • Code quality and structure

Identifying and resolving any issues as well as making improvements to the development aspect of your site on a continuous basis is as vital as any other marketing investment.

Ultimately, our website audits aim to aid businesses and organisations in improving their site user experience, search rankings and visibility which all help generate desired traffic.

As internet marketing specialists and over ten years of experience in consultancy, we also offer a wide range of marketing consultancy services such as SEO audits, PPC/AdWords audits and complete digital marketing audits.

For more information regarding website audits or any other marketing consultancy service, please contact us on +44 (0) 1227 68 68 98.

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