PPC Google Ads Audit

PPC or Google Ads audits offered by ExtraDigital evaluate the current performance of your paid advertisement campaigns.

The analysis we conduct will look into your Google Ads accounts to check they are set up and managed correctly and optimised to their maximum potential.

Our PPC audits mainly look into the following:

Campaign Settings:

Looking at these allows us to determine the current setup of the campaign and how it might be improved.

Ad copies:

We assess your ad copies by looking at the type of text used and the number of ads in each ad group.

Landing page targeting:

It is critical to ensure that your ads target relevant and optimised pages on your site.


We look at the characteristics in keywords used in an ad such as: match type, status and quality score.

Click-through rates (CTRs):

Based on the number of clicks your site receives, CTRs are a good indicator to measure success.

Conversion Rates:

Are also good indicators of whether your advertising and landing pages are relevant and well-targeted.

As an established digital and advertising agency in Kent, ExtraDigital recommend that PPC audits should be performed on a quarterly or annual basis. This is to ensure that your ad spend is always being utilised efficiently when running PPC campaigns.

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