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When a customer visits your website they decide very quickly whether they like what they see. This quick decision is based on what the webpage looks like - ie the design. it is very important your website looks good. First impressions count.

Secondly, can the potential customer find what they want quickly and easily? Is the navigation clear and intuitive to use? Does the search work as expected? This requires a well thought out website layout and user journey. 

Successful Magento websites have a good visual design based on a user-friendly layout. This is the website "theme" or "design".  

It is possible to purchase standard themes, but these will rarely be just right for your business, and a bespoke Magento theme (or design) is better.

The process

With any design work, the first stage is understanding the business aims and the products or services.  It is important to know the product or service benefits  - are you the "best", the "cheapest", "unique", or "quick".  We also ask about the types of customers and what they are interested in as this influences the design.

Existing brand information is important - and many businesses can supply us with a brand guidelines document. This might be a simple logo and colours or it might contain detail on allowed fonts and image style and tone of voice. We then ensure the design matches this. 

When designing we also take note of the latest best practise for usability to get the best user journey.  This is important for search engine optimisation (SEO) and ongoing marketing. 

Producing the visuals for the design will often be done first in a drawing package as this is more efficient, and allows for quicker revisions. Once a design concept is agreed, we work to produce a responsive template or "theme" for your website.

What is included within a bespoke Magento theme?

There are a very large number of design elements within even a basic Magneto website. This includes:

  • Homepage layout for desktop and mobile
  • Homepage Banner design for desktop and mobile
  • Menu for Desktop
  • Menu for Mobile
  • Category page design in grid view
  • Category page design in list view
  • Category page on mobile
  • Product page design on desktop and mobile
  • Add to cart and Basket buttons and andy widget on menu to access these pages
  • The basket page
  • The checkout page
  • Offers
  • Message and alerts
  • Extra fields such as coupon codes
  • Contact page
  • Delivery info/privacy policy page layouts
  • Email layout and design
  • Account pages when a customer logs in. 

Many stores will have extra design requirements for specific extra functionality.


Magento Theme Design & Development

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