Branding in Hampshire

Branding HampshireAre you a Hampshire based business looking for help with your Branding?  

Having the right brand identity is key for a number reasons:

  • Reaching target audience
  • Standing out from competitors
  • Enforcing business identity

Get your image right and you are instantly recognisable, get it wrong and you blend into the wallpaper. Therefore great branding has a part to play in building a successful business.

Why ExtraDigital Branding

At ExtraDigital we understand that each business is different and that the key to creating winning branding is to work closely with you.

Branding in Hampshire

Hampshire is a highly diverse county ranging from big cities to small rural villages. As such businesses based in this part of the UK can range widely in both size and target markets.

Our brand designers look at your business in detail and as a rule will review many elements when considering your branding including:

  1. Reviewing target audiences – who they are and what’s important to them
  2. Key elements of your business that draw customers to you
  3. Your businesses position in the market
  4. Simplicity – communicating effectively without being wordy or cluttered
  5. Consistency – keeping a clear brand without mismatching elements
  6. A brand that works across different media i.e. online and offline

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For more details on our Hampshire branding and design services call ExtraDigital on 01227 68 68 98 or contact us.


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