German PPC

Our expert in-house German PPC managers will be able to provide support in starting a new German PPC campaign, while ensuring that these key German PPC elements are factored into your campaigns to make this relevant and successful advertising.

Our PPC results include: 

  • 51% increase in ad impressions
  • 88% increase in clicks
  • 60% increase in conversions with a 69% increase in sales value 
  1. Language: Due to the complexity of the German language, advertisements will need to be different to those in English. The words in German tend to be longer than English words, so a direct translation of a word will not be appropriate or successful.
  2. Tone: Directly translating English ad copy into German will have the wrong tone, the tone of language needed is very different and therefore PPC ad copy should be created by a native German speaker to get this right.
  3. Content: It has been proven that a German audience enjoys descriptive content, alongside modern and high-quality imagery. Getting the balance between descriptions and sleek images right, is crucial for the market.

To ensure high-level success among your PPC advertising our German specialists will after the initial set-up regularly monitor the German keywords used in the campaigns, vary your German ad copy to assess which will perform best, monitor and adjust bid prices to obtain the best return on investment and lastly to ensure the best-paid search networks and features are used for your business and budget.

German keyword selection and optimisation – we will regularly check the German keywords used in the campaigns.

Ad generation (ad copy, landing page) and ongoing ad copy testing – we will continuously try new variations of your German ad copy and test these to see which perform better. Where possible we will also try out different landing pages and offer advice on improvements.

Bid price management – we will monitor and adjust the bid prices to obtain the best return on investment for optimal lead and revenue generation.

Campaign distribution specification and optimisation – we periodically review to make sure your German campaigns are using the best-paid search networks and features for your business and budget.

Extra Digital will be able to provide you with excellent PPC campaign advertising, through the experiences gained with our international and multilingual clients.

For more information about our German PPC services call 01227686898 and tell us more about your plans.

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