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If you are looking for fast sales or leads from a German audience - Paid Search is your answer.

ExtraDigital is a certified Google Partner. We have in-house German Paid Search specialists who can provide complete support from simple consulting to PPC audits and full campaign management.  

When working with German Paid Search campaigns, we have seen dramatic increases in impressions, clicks and conversions, all resulting in increased awareness and a significant improvement in ROI.


 Things to consider with German Paid Search:


  1. Language: German words tend to be longer than English words, so a direct translation of a word will not work.
  2. Tone: Direct translation of English ad copy into German will have the wrong tone. PPC ad copy should be created by a native German speaker in order to achieve the right tone.
  3. Content: Studies show the German audience enjoys descriptive content, alongside modern and high-quality imagery. Getting this balance right is crucial for the market.

We ensure your German Paid Search advertising succeeds by regular monitoring and reporting to you on our optimisation recommendations. We adjust bids, test ad copies and landing pages to find the best possible results for your business and budget.

We moved all of our accounts from around EMEA to ExtraDigital and I'm delighted we did. They are responsive, insightful and a pleasure to work with. We always feel like a valued partner of their business, and they are never too busy to help. It's so much easier for us to coordinate our social now that we have them as an agency, and I would go so far as to say that they are now more part of our team.

-Bobbie Andrews, RealD 3D

Our German Paid Search Approach

Keyword selection and optimisation – we regularly review the German keywords used in PPC search marketing as well as looking for opportunities with keywords we are currently missing.  

Ad generation and ad copy testing – we regularly try new variations of your German ad copy to find the best performing combinations. Where possible we will also test different landing pages and recommend improvements.

Bid price management – we monitor PPC bidding and adjust the bid prices to obtain the best return on investment for optimal lead and revenue generation.

Paid Search Campaign Optimisation – we periodically review to ensure your German campaigns are using the best PPC networks for your business and budget.

ExtraDigital can provide you with excellent Paid Search campaign advertising that will benefit your business.

Arrange a call with one of our experts to discuss your German PPC plans.

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