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Which CMS is best for a French website?

All common modern CMS systems cope well with the French language.

But this was not always the case. Back in 2003, most website content management systems failed to cope with the complete French language alphabet, especially accents.  When editing text with accents the result was unpredictable. We sometimes still get asked to help troubleshoot when a web developer has installed a website CMS on a server not set up to work in multiple languages. 

But a respectable hosting company and modern server should automatically allow French language websites to be developed.

We have provided French websites using a large number of different content management systems, including:

  • WordPress
  • CS Cart
  • Cornish CMS
  • ExtraCMS
  • HubSpot

and for eCommerce we have used:

For a B2B website, the multilingual WordPress CMS is currently the most popular choice, partly as many clients have staff who are confident editing a WordPress website.

Why Choose ExtraDigital?

We have over 15 years of experience designing and building French websites with CMS as either standalone French websites or multilingual websites.

Examples include:

  • WordPress - B2B website for CM Scientific (this is multilingual in French and German)
  • WordPress - Private Jet charter website  - multilingual including French website
  • ExtraCMS - French language website for Concorde language school
  • CS Cart - eCommerce site for C-Prodirect
  • ExtraCMS - Microsite for police force in French, as part of a multilingual site
  • HubSpot - French- English website for a wine merchant

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