Responsive Design

Two-thirds of all purchases and half of transactions will occur on mobile devices and half of all Google UK searches are now made on mobile!

If your website isn't mobile friendly then you will be missing out.

Responsive Design

Your website visitors and customers want to be able to find information or buy products and services from their device of choice and in many cases this is now via a smart phone or tablet computer.

At ExtraDigital we build websites that are responsive for mobile and tablet users as standard. What this means is that you have one site to maintain, but the design adapts to the visitors device.

Going responsive ensures all your customers get a great experience and can use your website whatever their device of choice, while you only have to maintain one site and one set of pages.

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Responsive Design

Why Responsive Design?

  • 61% of UK adults owned a smartphone and this figure is steadily growing. (Ofcom Q1 2014)
  • 44% of UK adults have a Tablet. (Ofcom Q1 2014)
  • 57% of UK adults used their mobile phones for internet access.  (Ofcom Q1 2014)
  • Half of all UK searches on mobile (Google - May 2015)

ExtraDigital believe that ‘the key to long term success is the ability to adapt to change.’ This statement is true in all areas of marketing and business - and web design is no different.

The way in which people access the internet has shifted significantly with an ever increasing number of consumers reaching your site through tablets and smartphones.

Benefits of Responsive Design

Responsive websites are not all about design, there are real marketing benefits that will increase the efficiency and significantly bolster your internet marketing activities. Our responsive design can provide you with:

  • Improved usability and customer experience
  • Tailored content 
  • Consistency of brand across all devices
  • Reduction in bounce rates
  • Elimination of redirects

The marketing benefits of implementing a responsive design are endless; you will have one set of content maintaining inbound links to one site allowing you to focus your PPC and SEO activities which become more streamlined and efficient. This also means that the site statistics are consolidated allowing easier tracking of visitors and monitor results more closely.

responsive design

Why ExtraDigital

When you work with ExtraDigital you will be able to tap into our years of experience, knowledge and marketing know-how.

Many members of our team have been working in digital design and marketing for over 10 years and have the experience to understand how best to navigate the ever changing world of the internet.

As a company we focus on what's important to you, more sales, enquiries and great access to your target audience.

Our responsive website design and development is guided by industry best practice coupled with creativity and design flare.

We want your business to be everywhere!

Our focus is to make sure your site is not only optimised for desktop usage, but to stay ahead of your competitors by making your products and service offerings as accessible as possible regardless of the platform used. At ExtraDigital we look closely at what solutions and platforms will work best for you as a business to create the prefect responsive website.

If you want to know more about responsive design for your website, contact us on 01227 68 68 98, fill out an online contact form or view our responsive design portfolio.

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