API Integration

API integration is used by many organisations in their business websites or web applications to allow others to take advantage of complex software systems in a smooth and connected way.

Put simply, APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow you to provide services or data without the need for your user to leave the website. Most modern sites consume at least some third-party APIs. Many problems encountered on the web already have third-party solutions, whether that is a library or service.

When a company offers an API to its customers, it means that they’ve created a set of dedicated URLs that return pure data responses — without the presentational overhead that you usually expect in a website.

So you need to connect your site using an API, but you don’t have the resources necessary to do this? ExtraDigital have a lot of experience in integrating APIs with websites or database software.

Our team of experienced developers relish the challenge of integrating your website with an API smoothly and effectively.

What are the benefits of API integration?

API application integration has significant benefits in helping to streamline the business processes, providing better customer services and thus assisting in enhancing the growth of your business.

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