Chinese SEO

Looking to sell online to Chinese-speaking customers around the world?

You need to be seen online and the best place to start is with Chinese targeted SEO. Unlike the SEO you may already be used to on your UK website targeting the Chinese market requires a specialist approach - this is where ExtraDigital come in.

Essentials of Chinese SEO

Chinese SEO is considered to be more difficult due to the technical and cultural differences.

Some key factors to consider include:

The difference in Search Engines

Google is not top in China here the top search engine is Baidu and what you need to do to rank highly is also different.

More than one Chinese language

There are many types of Chinese dialects and two main written versions, but only simplified Chinese is used by the top search engines.

High demand for mobile websites

SEO must be tailored to mobile as these are mostly used to access the internet.

Optimised Technical SEO

A vital part of Chinese SEO due to the high use of mobiles and poor connectivity.

Use a Chinese design eye

Chinese websites look cluttered for a good reason. A balance must be taken between western design and what is needed for successful SEO.

At ExtraDigital, we embrace these differences to ensure that our services provide your company with the best results.

Chinese SEO Services

ExtraDigital’s Chinese SEO services are tailored towards your business goals and target audience. We have worked with a wide number of industries and sectors throughout the world, including healthcare, tourism, eCommerce and B2B services.

Effective and targeted SEO grows highly relevant traffic to your site and improves awareness of your business.

Below are just some of the fantastic results that we have achieved.

increase in
SEO eCommerce revenue.
(from £19k to £38.5K)
increase in
SEO Traffic.
(from 972k to over 5 million)
increase in
SEO Quote Requests.
(from 374 to 752)

As well as Chinese SEO, ExtraDigital also provides Chinese PPC, Web Design and Social Media marketing as well as consultancy for all areas of multi-lingual marketing.

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ExtraDigital’s Multi-Lingual Approach

ExtraDigital is a multilingual and multicultural agency employing staff from a variety of cultures including French, Spanish, Arabic and American speakers. (We're not joking, you need to consider the difference for the American market)

Our team stays at the forefront of the latest developments in global internet marketing and search engine optimisation ensuring you receive the best SEO service possible.

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