Chinese Content Management

Do you need a Chinese content management system? ExtraCMS is the the content management system for you.

The ExtraCMS is an easy to use multilingual content management system that has the ability to be used and work in a multitude of different languages, including Chinese.

Chinese Content Management

The Multi-Lingual ExtraCMS

In fact the ExtraCMS was the first ever developed content management system ever developed which automatically search optimises your website, whatever the language. This ensures that you have the capabilities to get the most out of your online presence right from the very beginning.

The ExtraCMS can provide you and your website with brilliant enterprise level content management for all sizes of websites and companies, whether it is small or large.

It is entirely web based which means that there is no need to download any extra software on your computer, you have the ability to be able to access it from anywhere you wish to. Making it great for every growing business where flexibility is important.

Perfect Chinese Content Management System

There are many elements of the ExtraCMS which makes it perfect as a content management system for most companies; these include its unique functionality built with marketing in mind which gives the best user experience possible for your customers.

It is also fully expandable through the use of many different modules, standard ones which can be personalised and customised to suit your business, your website and your customers, as well as completely unique modules that can be built in-house to your specification.

Chinese Content Management

This functionality means that your Chinese website can expand easily with your company and that you can add functions to the website with ease and simplicity.

Chinese Website Support

There are many other benefits to the ExtraCMS, more information on these added benefits can be found at With this CMS, the team here at ExtraDigital are also able to provide full professional support to ensure that you are able to take your website to the next level.

The kinds of modules available to you via our Chinese content management system, the ExtraCMS, include article modules, map modules, eCommerce modules, gallery modules and booking systems as well as many more.

If you are interested in a Chinese content management system, simply call our team today on +44 (0) 1227 68 68 98 and request a demo.

You can see examples of our work and our content management system in use in our portfolio, whilst you are there why not check out our testimonials and see what our clients think about our work.

ExtraDigital also provide a number of other services to help enhance your Chinese online marketing and digital presence further. These services include PPC management, SEO, social media management, multilingual branding and design services. Search our website for more information or call us today and we can discuss how to take your organisation one step further.

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