“Raisin” the bar for Sun-Maid Socials

Tasty raisin snacks inside little red boxes, the well-known and beloved Sun-Maid raisins bring many childhood memories, and the team here at ExtraDigital were over the moon to win Sun-Maid as a client.

With so many ideas and our creative juices flowing, we were keen to get started! Now, after a year of working on the social accounts for one of our favourite clients (shhh, don’t tell our other clients), let’s reflect on what we have done and the successes. 

Recalling Childhood Memories with Little Red Boxes

Our goal included “raisin” awareness about Sun-Maid as a brand and to get people to recall and celebrate the child within us, with the memories of the little red Sun-Maid boxes and the delicious raisins inside them.

During these last 12 months, we organised several posts across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We ran several campaigns to remind users about the well-loved brand through contests, competitions, video ads, and more.

From Easter egg hunt, and Sun-Maid dress-up competitions, to joke-a-thon for red nose day and valentines’ competitions, we had numerous campaigns running.

Within less than a year of managing the Sun-Maid social media accounts, we were able to:

1.5 mill 
users reached

increase in engagements

It’s been a successful year for Sun-Maid, and it has been exciting for our team to see what we could pull out of the hat. 

See what the client had to say about us below!

“They listen, are proactive and have great ideas, with an evident passion and professionalism in their work. We have seen immediate results, reaching a wider audience and increasing brand awareness and engagements.

In the short period we have worked together, we have already built a great working rapport with the team due to their work ethic, responsiveness and friendly communication.”

–Michaela Wright, Sales & Marketing Administrator. 

It’s been a pleasure working for such a well-known household brand. Our recipe for success includes a lot of exciting concepts, a fantastic in-house design team, continuous collaboration with the Sun-Maid team and a lot of Sun-Maid raisins to get our creative juices flowing!

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