Paid and Organic Social Media Marketing for The Royal Marsden: Private Care

The Royal Marsden is one of Europe's most prominent cancer centres that offer personalised clinical care to cancer patients worldwide.

Our team here at ExtraDigital have worked with The Royal Marsden since 2017, intending to increase awareness about The Royal Marden's Private Care services for international patients (precisely the Middle Eastern audiences).   

In the past 11 months, we have been working on various social campaigns for The Royal Marsden, and the results look great!  

Our 2022 Aims

This year, our primary goal was to increase awareness of The Royal Marsden and its services to Middle Eastern patients. To measure success, we looked at three key awareness KPIs- Reach (how many people saw our ads), Engagements (how many people interacted with our ads) and Website traffic (how many people visited the website after seeing our ads).


Over the past 11 months, our efforts have gone into running different social campaigns.

Each month, we focused on different themes. For instance, one month, we promoted the grand opening of their newest cancer centre in Cavendish Square. In the other months, we raised awareness about different types of cancer; Breast Cancer in October and Lung Cancer in November, and promoted services The Royal Marsden provided to their international patients.

Each ad was localised and translated into Arabic, meaning the ads resonated better with our target audiences, helping us improve engagements and drive other essential results such as impressions, website visits and enquiries.

With a different combination of creative ads and ad copies each month, we could reach and engage with more users than before. Compared to 2021, this year we saw an increase in all critical KPIs:

  • Reach: +51% 
  • Engagement: +27% 
  • Website Visits: +49%

Our Marketing for the Healthcare Industry

Over the years here at ExtraDigital, we have gained an enormous amount of healthcare industry knowledge as we have worked with different clients in the industry. This has allowed us to produce accurate, engaging content that helps increase brand awareness while communicating vital information.

If you are in the healthcare industry and want to increase your brand awareness through organic or paid social media, fill in the form below, one of our team members will be in contact to advise you on the right direction within your digital marketing journey. 

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