Isolation Strategy Shift for a UK Equestrian Manufacturer

Jon William Stables has been a client of ExtraDigital for over 10 years. In a recent case study, we spoke about the great initial results in the early days of isolation after Jon William Stables shifted their marketing strategy to Social Media Management.

Now, with a full month of paid social under their belt, we have seen some ridiculously good results! As this was originally a trial for the client, we started with a small budget; this is one of the great things about social media marketing - it is very inexpensive compared to PPC, and you don’t need a huge budget to see a positive ROI.

PS - Here is an excellent resource for calculating the right ad spend.

Isolation Strategy Shift to Social Media Management

The Goals

We discussed some key KPIs with the client to make sure the content schedule and the paid strategy would meet their goals. The main focus was for brand awareness.

  • Grow brand awareness
  • Build a quality audience and fanbase on Facebook
  • Engage with the community and build a strong social presence
  • Generate leads & send quality traffic back to the website


In the first thirty days, we were able to meet and exceed each goal. These results are all comparing to the previous period, (March) before isolation began.

increase in
page engagement

increase in
page likes

Direct from Facebook

  • Facebook traffic increased by 625 users
  • Engagement increased by 236% at £0.30 cost p/engagement
  • 691 new likes (50% increase) at £0.14 cost p/like
  • Reach was up by 86%
  • Facebook page views increased by 25%
  • Two brilliant new recommendations were left on the page
  • 14 new messages on Facebook messenger, of which over half were high-quality leads

Indirect effects of Facebook. (Google loves an outside source of traffic; this can have an indirect impact on website performance).

  • Average ranking position improved – a 51% increase in clicks and a 49% increase in impressions
  • Over 1,500 more organic traffic month-on-month
  • 18 contact forms completed on the site (more than average)
  • 11 planning permission forms completed on the site (also more than average)

Happy Client

We've been working with Extra Digital over the last ten years and I can honestly say they have done everything and more they set out with every new venture with tight budgets. The main objective for me was to rank highly naturally, which has been the case year after year.

This year for the first time we handed them our entire show budget (all cancelled due to Covid 19) to spend on social media throughout the year so we could compare £ for £ and the results are fantastic already. So much so I've asked them to slow down as we are struggling with the volume of enquiries.

Keep up the good work team and thank you for being as passionate about my business as I am.

Matthew Pike,
Jon Willian Stables Ltd

Going Forward

The best thing about all of this is the satisfaction and comfort of knowing that we have helped Jon William Stables have a string of jobs lined up when isolation finally ends.

While site visits and construction are paused due to social distancing, we aim to keep a brand awareness focus until the lockdown lifts or loosens up enough for Jon William Stables to resume work. Once business returns to normal, we want to run lead generation specific campaigns, with an increase in ad budget.

Imagine what we can accomplish if we are already getting good lead gen results on a brand awareness focused strategy!

We want to help each of our clients through this challenging time. We have been dedicated to seeing each come out of isolation on top! If you’d like to chat about potential opportunities in your marketing strategy, please do get in touch; our team are always happy to help.


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