German Social Media Marketing for Travall

Over the past year, ExtraDigital has been working on the German marketing for the international lifestyle brand Travall. Travall is a UK-based dog guard and dog-related vehicle equipment company, offering goods for people leading an active lifestyle.

Throughout this account, we have specifically focused on German social media marketing, with some elements of SEO to assist the marketing.

Our German specialist initially conducted market research to establish the positioning, the competitors and target audience of Travall to ensure that this vital information was provided before doing keyword research for the six main products Travall offers.

Once the initial account setup was done, we combined our understanding of the market and our expertise to create unique content for the social media accounts and the German blog. We have also been in charge of on- and off-page SEO, technical SEO, as well as the optimisation of pages and metadata for the current website.

Social Media Marketing

ExtraDigital were approached to specifically manage their German social platforms to engage and connect with their German audience and aid in increasing the sales and interactions from the German market.

Our management includes the following:

  • Creation of the audiences.
  • Content Creation; this involves generating engaging and relevant ad copies in the German language that will resonate with the audiences; including social posts, ads, articles, and subtitles for video.
  • Optimising imagery and videos whilst accounting for cultural factors.
  • Recommendations regarding landing page optimisation.

Social Media Results

Comparing the data to last year, ExtraDigital has accomplished some incredible results by establishing a social media strategy, as well as re-assessing the effectiveness of posts each month. Since taking up this account ExtraDigital has achieved an increase in users and sales across all of the German social media platforms.

Social Media Results


increase in transactions on social.


increase in revenue on social.


reduction on bounce rate

Other notable improvements

  • 41% increase in new social users - 30% of which stem from Facebook.
  • 43% increase in sessions on social.
  • Large increase in average blog users.


Through the efforts of ExtraDigital, Travall has seen their online presence and overall revenue increase impressively in the last twelve months, due to the well-established social media strategy implementation. With the careful crafting of the content, we have been able to achieve the results shown above. We are continuing to improve our efforts and are proud to say that the work is ongoing and hope that we can continue increasing engagement and sales.

Here at ExtraDigital, we have a wealth of experience when creating content for a German audience. With in-house native speakers on staff, we know exactly the types of content to produce, language to use and customs to consider in order to create content that truly resonates with a German audience.

Learn more about our German Marketing Services or call to speak to one of our helpful staff members.

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