Success with Video Ads for UK Equestrian Manufacturer

Users love videos, and Facebook users are no exception. Over four billion video views occur on Facebook every day across multiple placements, including Facebook News Feeds and Stories, Instagram, audience network, and messenger. Demand for videos is growing more and more, and with it, the need to implement Facebook video advertising.

Video ads on Facebook can be used for multiple purposes, including to:

  • Raise awareness about your products, services, and brands.
  • Capture attention and deliver messages to potential customers.
  • Encourage users online to take action on Facebook or your website.

For Jon William Stables, we succeeded in all the above!

About Jon William Stables

Jon William Stables is a UK-based supplier of high-quality equestrian buildings and timber buildings. The client has been manufacturing timber buildings for over 50 years, and we have been supporting their marketing and social media for more than ten years.

Choosing Facebook Video Ad

With the recent pandemic and shift in buying behaviour, it was probable that consumers were less willing to spend money on non-essential products. Many businesses were predicted to see a decline in demand. ExtraDigital had to develop a strategy that averted Jon William Stables from facing this problem.

Our team had to create a new approach that placed Jon William Stables in front of their customers. With the demand for videos growing across all platforms, we were sure video advertising was the right approach, and we already knew Facebook was the right platform for the brand as it is where the majority of their target audiences are most active. We concluded that Facebook video advertising was the best approach.


While creating the ad, it was essential for us to ensure the video was quick in captivating users and that Jon William Stable’s branding was visible. We also needed to keep in mind that users now watch videos on their smartphone more than on desktop, meaning videos had to be well optimised for mobile, which meant following the technical ad specifications carefully.

With a new video added to our existing range of ads, including a mixture of image and carousel-based ads, Jon William Stables saw great results within a month. This included:

growth in social users


increase in engagements

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