Effects of Facebook Shop for eCommerce Client

Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop have been making a name in the Social Media Marketing World.

The platform is a win-win for customers AND businesses – the convenience and personalised delivery system suits users all while allowing businesses to put their products right in front of new and loyal customers.

Who wouldn’t want that?

But it’s no secret that Facebook can be a bit confusing – Business manager, commerce manager, catalogue manager, where to start?? Many of our eCommerce clients come to us wanting to leverage social media but are still surprised by how much it actually has to offer once we start explaining!

Social Shopping for Prestige Wicker

Take one of our Shopify clients, Prestige Wicker, for example. When we started to work on the account, no social had been done for the two previous years. We suggested getting Facebook Shop (commerce manager), Facebook Pixel (events manager), and a Facebook catalogue (catalogue manager) all synced and working together.

This all took about a month to set up and get ads live. In the first month, we ran traffic ads that sent people straight to the website – once we got the Facebook shop, catalogue, and pixel all working, we shifted gears to retargeting ads and catalogue ads.

Here’s what happened:

increase in Sales Value
increase in Purchases

We were able to serve the ad to fewer people but still see a higher conversion and engagement rate. In plain terms, we were able to target a better-qualified audience.

Why Facebook/Instagram Shop is great for eCommerce

We won’t bore you with more facts about how popular social media is – it’s pretty obvious that almost everyone is using it these days. That makes it a great platform to reach new and returning customers.

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Facebook is levelling the playing field between Google Ads in the online paid advertising market with its Ad Manager, Events Manager, Commerce Manager, and Catalogue Manager.

Together, these tools allow you to:

  • Create, manage, and analyse ads
  • Build audiences based on demographics, website traffic, and can even create new audiences similar to your Facebook friends and website traffic
  • Upload and automatically update products, including product stock, to Facebook/Instagram shop
  • Retarget based on actions taken on your site, for instance: product interest, users who viewed a specific page on your site, users who have contacted you, and even those who have made purchases or entered payment information
  • Design your shop page using catalogues and collections to showcase your products within the social platforms
  • Tag products in posts to pull up product information in images
  • Allow purchases to happen in-app – without leaving Instagram or Facebook

Thankfully Facebook has partner integrations that make setting these up fairly easy if you know what you are doing. We recommend that all of our eCommerce clients leverage social media – it’s a much more efficient way to advertise, as you can see above!

As always, the ExtraDigital staff is poised and ready to help bolster your social advertising. Fill out the contact form below if you’d like to have a chat.

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