Healthcare provider’s guide to A/B Testing Paid Social

The United Kingdom is known for having some of the world's most advanced healthcare facilities and consultants. Connecting with the right patient at the right time is often invaluable to healthcare providers; this is where our digital marketing services come in handy.

Here at ExtraDigital, we have worked with many healthcare providers across different specialities.

One of our medical clients was looking to test demand in a new market – Nigeria.

We put together a go-to-market strategy that included Google Advertising and META, where we would target Nigerian patients seeking quality medical treatment in the UK.

Discover how we have helped test the demand in a new market through our advertising campaigns below!

Using Social A/B Tests to Inform Marketing Strategy

You can do endless research and planning and THINK you understand the market, but until you test your theory, that's all it is – a theory.

Granted, we have many years of experience within the medical field and enough data to have a good idea of what does and doesn't work, but when it comes to clients testing new territories, we always want to test different strategies to see what works best.

To better understand what resonates most effectively with the Nigerian market, we initiated a Meta campaign using Facebook and Instagram ads.

This campaign included an A/B test on the creative assets.

Carousel A incorporated a designed graphic, and Carousel B included lifestyle imagery.

Social media in Nigeria favours designed graphics. However, the brand uses lifestyle imagery in other markets. We wanted to test this to A. See if lifestyle would resonate with Nigerians and B. If it was an opportunity for the brand to stand out.

After collecting the data from running both these ads, it was clear that the lifestyle ads (carousel B) had more engagement than carousel A and provided more link clicks.

As we have seen positive performance with the lifestyle carousel ads, we continued to use lifestyle imagery across all our marketing strategies.

These results are important because they inform our entire marketing strategy and how the brand will be portrayed in Nigeria.

Social media is a key part of any modern digital marketing strategy, yet its potential as a testing tool remains extremely underutilised.

If you are unsure if you are resonating with your target audience effectively, you should be testing. Ensure you are using the right messaging and creative assets to communicate with your target audience with ExtraDigital.

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