2021 Paid Social Case Study

It’s no secret that online sales have taken off since the start of the covid pandemic. At ExtraDigital, we have encouraged clients who suffered from shop's closing to invest in Paid Social to help balance these losses.

Whilst there have been dips in this online buying trend resulting from events, including, the UK coming in and out of lockdown and shops opening, overall, we continue to see a higher number of purchases online than we saw pre-pandemic.

One of our clients, F1 Authentics, has seen great results since we started running paid ads on Facebook and Instagram. Although we ran a few ads from September 2020, February of 2021 is when we kicked off a fully comprehensive Paid Social Media Strategy.

  • Return on ad spend has gone from 0 to 13.52 (for every £1 spent, the client makes £13 back)
  • Revenue generated from paid social has improved drastically

If we look at the graphs above, we can see the dips that we mentioned earlier in this case study. In July we saw a drop in purchases when shops opened which continued for a few weeks, so we reduced ad spend in August, which helped to increase the ROI.

During September, we’ve seen the performance return back to normal and has been a fantastic month thus far for the client.

We have previously written about one of our clients who invested the money they would have put into 2020’s cancelled conventions, into paid social last summer. The results were so good that the client had to ask us to turn the ads off because their sales team couldn’t cope with the leads coming in. To read more about this, check out the full case study here.

Knock on effect of having a paid social strategy

Arguably, the best part about having a paid social strategy is the increase in brand awareness you get as a result. The reach per £ spent on Facebook depends on how targeted your audience is, but generally, you can expect Facebook and Instagram ads to be significantly cheaper than other forms of paid online marketing.

For only a few pounds you can reach 1,000’s of people per day. Over time, the more people who see your ads will remember your site and come back to it.

One way to determine if your brand awareness is increasing is through monitoring direct traffic via Google Analytics. The KPI covers anyone who lands directly on your website via a URL and depending on the scale of traffic/revenue increasing, you can assume the brand awareness is also growing.

As an example, since February, F1 Authentics has seen a 200% increase in direct traffic compared to the previous period, and over 300% increase in revenue from direct traffic.

Having worked within digital marketing for nearly two decades, working with clients spanning across numerous industries, we are able to deliver targeted and strategic paid social strategies to help our clients grow and achieve their objectives. 

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