40% Boost from SEO for Supply Chain Consultant

Towards the end of 2014 we carried out a short term SEO boost for a well known supply chain consultancy firm. They wanted a SEO boost to see them into 2015 and to giving them a ahead start on their competition online.

Despite the fact that the months of October to December are traditionally the quietest time for companies like theirs, ExtraDigital create an increase of 40% in organic traffic due to vast improvements in the keyword rankings of many key industry terms. In many cases we took the company’s rankings of key industry terms from not ranking at all, to ranking on the first page of Google!

Increase of 40% in organic traffic


Source: Google Analytics

This improvement is even more impressive when you consider that the company themselves were predicting a seasonal drop of 20% in this same time period based on year on year statistics and industry benchmarks. We achieved a result that was 60% higher than what they should have been seeing from their website in just three short months!

This improvement in their keyword rankings in major search engines saw their impressions (the number of times their website is shown to search users) increase by 175% over the three month period despite a lower search market for their industry in this time period.

But we didn’t just get this client’s website up the rankings and made their site more visible to search users, we also achieved a much higher click through rate as most of the keywords and terms they were showing for are now on the first page of Google rather than the tenth (or not at all). Here at ExtraDigital it is our firm belief that all search traffic generated for your website should be useful and sales/lead generating, not just ‘traffic’ for traffics sake. We achieved that here and we can achieve that for you.

On top of this ranking work we carried out to achieve the above results, we also carried out work building them a strong domain authority and creating shareable content that people would want to reference and connect to. This type of work is growing in importance due to changes in Google’s algorithms and its focus on quality content, strong interaction and share-ability.

This part of our work saw the number of links to their website from authority sources jump by 45% in the same time period. This increase in authority backlinks saw traffic coming from these channels increase by 54% - proving that the work that we carried out was building useful strong backlinks that people, and not just robots, are using.

Traffic coming from authority backlink channels increased by 54%

Source: Google Analytics

The work we carried out was a great success and gave this particular supply chain consultancy firm the much needed boost to propel them into 2015 with gusto and speed.  If you are looking to boost the traffic, rankings and authority of your website then contact ExtraDigital today on +44 (0) 1227 68 68 98 to find out how we can assist you with your online marketing efforts and its reach.

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