Organic Growth for Logistics Consultancy through SEO

Case Study Summary:

The Client: The Supply Chain Consulting Group (SCCG) is a Logistics and Supply Chain consultation operating across the UK, EU, Asia, Africa, USA and beyond! ExtraDigital has been working with the SCCG team on their marketing, including SEO, PPC and website maintenance, since 2017- over 8 years of collaboration and successful partnership.

We have been working on SCCG's website consistently during this time, and with the first quarter of the year now over, we are excited to share the positive results of the hard work done on the website.

The Results: Over the last three months, we have seen consistent growth in organic traffic for SCCG which also means a steady increase in organic enquiries/ leads for the company.

  • 257% Increase in organic leads
  • 17% Increase in organic traffic
  • 15% Increase in sessions
  • 18% Increase in session duration

What was done?

The SEO work we do for SCCG covers different parts of the website, including everything from optimising the content to optimising the backed code of the website for Google.

Month-on-month, we have been keeping vigilant when it comes to any technical issues and errors on the website and solving them quickly before they impact the website's experience and usability.

We focus on various services each month based on our client's priorities and trends and ensure that our pages and their content are optimised so that when potential prospects land on these pages, they immediately find the right information and answers to their pain points.

Similarly, we continuously keep up with the latest Google algorithm updates and best practices so our clients, such as SCCG Ltd, are always on top of their SEO game.

Keeping on top of algorithm updates means we future-proof our client's websites so they are not impacted when a new update is released.

We firmly believe in the E-E-A-T approach, which we implement across many of our client's websites. This approach examines how to demonstrate Expertise, Experience, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness through our content and pages. Demonstrating E-E-A-T is one of the main factors for ranking and authority as google looks for these signals when ranking pages.

If you are looking for similar success with SEO…

ExtraDigital can help! Our team have been working with clients from various industries and has helped them find success through SEO.

We are very aware that your website is the face of your business. It needs a high level of care and continuous work to ensure it reflects your company's values and aims and, if well looked after, it helps build a strong online presence and most importantly, attract the right prospects!

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