Multilingual SEO for Travall

UK-based Travall® is an international lifestyle brand that sells vehicle-specific pet and recreational accessories for adventurous souls.

Long-known in Europe as the leading brand for vehicle-specific pet barriers and dividers, Travall also recognised the potential of the American market. ExtraDigital was approached by Travall early this year with a wish to begin multilingual marketing work to build their brand in their US market, as well as their existing German market.

The ExtraDigital team conducted market research to understand where Travall stood next to its competitors and target audience. Using this information, we then began keyword research for each of Travall’s six products. Combining our understanding of the market and analysing the terms that the target audience is searching for, we then implemented a comprehensive SEO plan. This included creating content for the new website, technical SEO, ongoing optimisation of pages and metadata on the current website, and populating the blog with hot topics.

SEO Results

The SEO strategy was to connect/align the .com website with what the target audience in the US search for by growing/optimising the site accessibility, relevance and popularity towards these searches. A successful SEO strategy will see rankings improve naturally and make the usability of the site better. This is exactly what we saw with Travall.

Compared to the previous year we have seen:

  • 56% increase in website search visibility
  • 18.76% increase in SEO traffic
  • Bounce rate dropped by 4.3%
  • 27/50 keywords ranking above #5
  • 41/50 keywords ranking appear on the first SERP page
  • Blog bounce rate dropped by 28.26%


We have seen Travall’s online presence in the US market continuously grow due to the comprehensive SEO strategy put together by the ExtraDigital team. Through our research, we were able to implement the right keywords and keyword phrases to make sure Travall was showing up as the solution for their target audience through improved rankings, better usability on the site, and improved brand awareness in the US. We are delighted to say that this work is still ongoing with a new site launching soon - stay tuned for more news!

Marketing activities that were completed outside of SEO work, but still affected by SEO:

  • Influencer Outreach
  • Social Media Management
  • New Website Content
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Research
  • Email Marketing

Our American Experience

The American market is massive, and a huge opportunity for businesses. With an in-house native Texan on staff here at ExtraDigital, we have the expertise to produce marketing content that will resonate with every American audience - be that on the West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, or South. Learn more about our American Marketing Services with a phone call with one of our helpful staff members.

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