CS-Cart eCommerce SEO for F1 Authentics

A few months back, we touched on an exciting CS-Cart development project we started with our client The Memento Group. If you missed it, here’s a quick play by play.

eCommerce SEO for Formula One Memorabilia

The Memento Group is a vertically integrated services business that delivers turnkey solutions for rights owners, teams, players, and artists, all wanting to develop deeper relationships with their fans.

One of the sports The Memento Group supports is Formula One; ExtraDigital were recruited to build www.F1Authenics.com – a CS Cart eCommerce shop where F1 fans can find unique F1 memorabilia from their favourite teams and drivers!

The Memento Group were pleased with the execution of the website and as a result asked the ExtraDigital team to continue SEO work, PPC advertising, and support for F1 Authentics.

On-Time, On-Budget, Flawless Delivery! A massive week for the Memento Group with the launch of our new website www.f1authentics.com. Developed, built and supported by ExtraDigital, who also manage the social media activities on our behalf. Delivered on time and on budget. Brilliant job, Flawless delivery

Tony Brookes, Information Security Director

Zooming ahead – 4 months of hard work after the launch of the eCommerce site, we are happy to say we are setting new records each month!

  • 273k users
  • 2m page views
  • 36% bounce rate

From June – July 2020 alone we saw:

  • 9% increase in revenue
  • 91% increase in organic traffic
  • Page speed score of 75
  • 35/41 keywords ranking in the top ten
  • PPC sales increasing by 36%

Experienced Marketing Agency

Launching a new website can be difficult if the developing team and marketing team don’t work together. At ExtraDigital our developers have the marketing knowledge to build sites with SEO, and the user’s experience at the top of their mind; that is how we achieved the above results and were able to see the site rank highly in search right off the bat… or should we say green light?   

With eCommerce websites, there is always a high level of care needed as you are handling customers’ personal data. With F1Authentics, extra levels of security were required as some of the memorabilia sold on the site can be upwards of 50k. 

On top of that, an up-to-date site is crucial for security. Like most eCommerce platforms CS-Cart regularly release security updates, alongside other feature-based updates. Therefore, any sites that don’t routinely maintain can quickly become out of date.

Being the builders of the site and having CS-Cart experience, it was only natural that ExtraDigital provides support ongoing for this project. We will have more on this later!


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