SEO for B2B Cold Storage Provider - Client Case Study

ExtraDigital was first approached to undertake SEO work for a major cold storage provider in 2010. The client required SEO work and consultancy with onsite optimisation to increase their revenue and grow their business. The cold storage provider wanted to increase the leads gained through natural traffic as well as PPC management.

SEO for B2B: Approach

After an extensive keyword review and examination of the conversion potential of the current site after website redesign, we used our experience with onsite optimisation to begin advising on changes to the site structure, code and content which would benefit the optimisation of the website. Following a redesign of the UK website, the Ireland website was to be redesigned and recoded for better conversion potential.

  • Better code level optimisation, accessibility and validation to improve search engine crawl rates and boost relevant organic traffic through website redesigns.
  • Optimisation for main keywords such as ‘refrigeration’ ‘cold rooms’ and ‘blast freezers’ as well as industry related keywords.
  • Copywriting of high quality, optimised copy for keyword specific landing pages
  • Offsite SEO to increase the volume of quality inbound links to improve domain authority. This included offsite article creation and content development to produce high value inbound links - to encourage natural backlinks from users - a process called "link baiting"
  • Improvements to meta data copy to improve search click through rates

Initial onsite and offsite SEO work improved content considerably and over time, there was a gradual increase in not only the volume of traffic from organic traffic, but the amount of enquiries also.

SEO for B2B Cold Storage: Results

The graph below shows organic search traffic growth over time (exact figures are not shown to preserve client data confidentiality).

b2b seo

The site currently maintains levels of over 158% more relevant natural search traffic than it did when work first began.

The graph below shows that SEO has grown to be the highest source of leads from the site since 2010 and the percentage of leads via search traffic is improving every year.


leads breakdown by source

If you are looking for sustainable and effective growth in the B2B sector, Extra Digital's SEO services, sector familiarity and design and development assets can help you realise significant growth in revenue, traffic and business brand. Contact us today to find out more, get a free website SEO review and find out how we can help you increase your leads online. 

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