PPC for Tourism: Case Studies

ExtraDigital have managed many paid search campaigns within the tourism industry. These include PPC campaigns for hotels (independent and chain), for guest houses or bed and breakfast places.

We have also run paid search campaigns for Tourism Agencies and regional visitor centres and event organisers. Some of these have been with supporting SEO work, others have been standalone PPC campaigns.

PPC for Tourism, Events or Bookings has the important point that once a date has passed the product (the booking) has gone, so products (bookings) have a fixed shelf life. Paid campaigns can be used to generate interest in an area, to generate enquiries for brochures or to send visitors through to make a reservation or booking.

Below are some examples of the paid search campaigns we have provided for clients within the tourism industry.

PPC campaigns for tourism

Tourism campaigns for regional tourist areas

We have worked with Visit Kent and Visit Lincolnshire on awareness campaigns to increase enquires for brochures and event literature. This has usually been in conjunction with offline poster campaigns (on railways) and in magazines and we have provided the PPC setup and management. These campaigns have been both local to the UK and abroad, often targeting specific countries.

PPC campaigns for groups of hotels

We have worked with groups of hotels – for example Handpicked Hotels or Hotels in Holland to advertise specific types of breaks or facilities or offers across a range of individual hotels. We’ve worked with hotels in many countries.

Luxury Hotel in Jersey

We’ve provided similar paid advertising for groups of guest house or holiday cottages, usually on a regional basis, such as in Cornwall. The campaigns include both general paid advertising for the type of accommodation, and also specific advertising to individual guest houses or cottages.

On the smaller scale we have provide paid search advertising for individual guest houses or holiday accommodation. This works well as it is very targeted to specific audiences. 

Paid search for the tourism sector is very seasonal and long term expertise is helpful. Many of the online keyword tools review trends over the last few months  - but in tourism you are better reviewing data from a similar season last year and two years ago to see the seasonally relevant keywords.

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