Testing Performance Max Set-Up

Now that our clients have settled into Performance Max, we have been busy testing and researching new things to try for this new campaign type.

One of the big things we wanted to test was the basic setup of the campaign. We asked:

Which would perform better?

  • Campaign for every asset group (multiple campaigns)


  • Campaign with several asset groups?

We tested this across different ecommerce client accounts, and the results were the same across each: Option 2 (1 campaign with several asset groups) won by miles. This setup saw better results, including clicks, impressions, and sales each time.

This is the part of the job the marketers at ExtraDigital love the most – trying new things to ensure we are getting the best results possible for our clients.

Test test test – that is always our answer when we are debating something in the office!

Find out if your performance max campaign is optimised to the fullest with a free audit with one of our Google Experts.

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