How Covid-19 is impacting PPC results for a software company

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on the products and services people are searching for. Growth has been seen for many software solutions that help home working, enable teams to work together, share information and communicate. Many businesses are using this time to look at their systems and processes.

At ExtraDigital we are closely working with our clients to help them navigate these difficult times. One of them, a software company with different automation and security solutions for the enterprise, has been successfully investing on PPC and working with ExtraDigital for a few years now.

They focus on helping organisations automate and simplify internal processes. We have been monitoring the effects of the current scenario to best advise and act when needed. These are some of the key trends we found. 

Impact of Covid-19 on PPC

We’ve seen different trends for each of the solutions provided by this company. It was important to analyse data based on the product line and solution of each of these brands to best identify trends.

Increase in

For this particular brand, an automation software solution, conversions increased dramatically by 74% from January to March. Impressions rocketed from the 24th of February due to people having more time to perform searches on these particular terms.

We did realise that in this new scenario, biddings weren’t strong enough to cope with demand. Even though ads were getting more impressions, the brand was losing market to competitors due to low budgets. It may sound scary for some given the circumstances, but our analysis showed a clear potential to improve performance with a higher spend.

It is worth noting that when senior managers and business owners work from home, they often consider and take action on strategic and systems type projects. They have time to search and research investment. Any business that can service these enquiries is at a considerable advantage.

New Opportunities

Our client is currently considering budget increases for all the campaigns given the demand and the performance registered in the last weeks. PPC advertising is helping them attract valuable leads and this has not changed due to the current situation. If anything, it has opened new opportunities for them to present their software and tools to businesses that have now the challenge of dealing with a remote workforce.

If you're looking to combat the effects of Covid-19 then get in touch. We have devised some great strategies for our current clients and are confident that the best way through this, is to continue your marketing efforts if possible. Let's explore your options together!

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