Multilingual PPC for Total Logistics

“Experts in Supply Chains and Logistics”

Total Logistics are an industry leading, highly respected supply chain consultancy based in Wokingham working with many top global brands including Nestle, Adidas, and Argos.

ExtraDigital have been working with Total Logistics for over 10 years providing a number of successful web design, development and marketing services.

PPC has played a key role in the B2B marketing mix for Total Logistics allowing them to remain highly visible for popular competitive terms for three different languages English and Dutch.

Total Logistics

Our Approach

ExtraDigital listened closely to what was important to Total Logistics and with them identified a core set of keywords for each language (English and Dutch).

These keywords were linked to higher conversion rates but were also being targeted by competitors. Total Logistics wanted to ensure they were always in one of the top 3 positions for these crucial search terms.

Top 3 positions for crucial search terms

Each language was set up as a separate campaign with its own unique keywords, ads, landing pages and budget. Rather than using simple translations of the English campaign the Dutch was custom created for their target markets.

It was vital to get input from native speakers in Dutch to ensure we selected the best keyword phrases and used ads that were correctly phrased and compelling.


The multilingual PPC campaign for Total Logistics has produced consistently positive results and ensured they remain visible in search results despite increasing competition online.

Costs have remained in budget despite the increasing cost of using PPC services like Google AdWords over the last few years. ExtraDigital have consistently found ways to adjust and optimise the campaigns while keeping a top 3 position for each keyword phrase.

In addition ExtraDigital have made practical recommendations to Total Logistics for further improvements in:

  • keyword selection
  • landing pages
  • Ad copy
  • Budgeting

Over the last 7 years, the multilingual PPC campaign has generated over 5,500 targeted visitors to the Dutch site and over 16,000 to the UK site at an average cost per visitor of less than 90 pence per visit.


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