Optimising Multilingual PPC Campaigns

Since April 2023, our team here at ExtraDigital have had the opportunity to work with a multilingual advertising account on PPC (pay-per-click), focusing specifically on French campaigns in the French language.

Optimisation Process

The objective was to improve the performance of existing campaigns.

To ensure targeted and relevant advertising, our team analysed the existing ad copies and identified areas for improvement.

We revamped the ad copies with accurate and culturally appropriate French-language content. This optimisation aimed to resonate with the French-speaking audience and increase their engagement with the ads.

Technical Improvements

Besides refining the ad copies, we also addressed technical issues in the account to enhance the overall performance.

Our team implemented necessary changes to streamline the account, optimise settings, and ensure smooth campaign execution. These technical improvements aimed to eliminate potential roadblocks and enable the account to function more efficiently.

The Results

To evaluate the effectiveness of our optimisations, we compared the performance of the new ad copies with the previous ones. The primary metric for comparison was the click-through rate (CTR), as it indicates the level of engagement generated by the ads.

See the graph below:


 This shows just how important it is to not only localise your international PPC content but to ensure your account is correct from a technical standpoint.

These positive results lay the foundation for potential expansion into other territories, leveraging our expertise in multilingual advertising here at ExtraDigital.

If you have PPC campaigns performing below your expectations, contact our ExtraDigital team to find out how we can help you accelerate your paid advertising!

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