Multi-brand Google Ads Account Improvements

The first quarter has seen impressive month on month improvements for one of our multibrand Google Ads clients.

The client is in the B2B sector with many brands under their umbrella company. For two consecutive months, we saw the conversion rate from Google Ads improve, thanks to one significant (and a few minor) changes we recommended for the account.

While adding display ads was the most significant change, more minor optimisation changes were being done on the account on-going, contributing to improved performance. The total number of changes done in the Google Ads account in Feb-Apr = 1,350. These include:

  • Campaigns/ad groups added or paused
  • Landing Pages optimised following monthly recommendations
  • Expanded text ads added or paused. Responsive Search Ads added
  • Keywords added or paused
  • Daily Campaign Budgets re-distributed based on specific requests or performance 

Brand 1

The priority for Brand 1 was to increase free trial leads, while historically, it was gaining a higher percentage of download leads.

We launched display ad campaigns to achieve this goal, approaching audiences with high purchase intent who visit product review sites like G2 using custom affinity audiences and competitor lookalike audiences.

These audiences help tailor ad content to specific niche audiences and increase market reach while driving valuable actions on the website.

Brand 2

Following the success of display ads on the other brands, we reviewed brand 2 and implemented similar changes across its campaigns.

Brand 3

We quickly realised that we needed to grow awareness for brand three as the target audience was largely unaware of the products they sell. Thus, search campaigns wouldn’t work; for a search campaign to work, the user must know what product to search for. As this was more of an awareness campaign and we are simply aiming to introduce the product to the audience, we found that display ads were much more appropriate and impactful.

We paused several search ads and reintroduced them as a display. We are now seeing a higher number of leads flowing in and at a much cheaper cost.

We also made several optimisation changes to numerous landing pages and ad copies; the changes included:

  • Change to page content structure for readability, showcasing past testimonials, changing form designs for better conversions.
  • Updating ad copies, so it resonated well with the offer and what the landing page was saying.
  • Using different offers, for instance, guides and e-books, worked a lot better vs trial and sign-ups as people needed to be more familiar with the product before signing up.

By working with a Google Ads agency, our client was able to have a third party look at their account and see opportunities where they may not have looked before. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, working with many clients across various industries, it’s easy for our team to spot where and how clients can see the best return on their Google Ads spend.

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