1 Month eCommerce Google Ads Results

The Client

ExtraDigital recently welcomed a new international eCommerce client to the agency roster. The client is a Norwegian based manufacturer of high-end activewear for the ever-intense Nordic training.

The client sells in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and most of Europe, specialising in sports clothing for cycling, running, skiing, triathlons, and orienteering in Nordic climates and custom designs available for clubs and teams.

The Brief

The first few months of PPC and Social Media work will focus on their Swedish and Norwegian markets, in Norwegian and Swedish languages. Once we have ironed out these two key markets, we will widen our focus to include Danish and E.U. accounts.

We have been working on the Swedish and Norwegian accounts for a little over a month and have seen significant improvements to account performance. We spent most of the first month tidying up the accounts and getting rid of unnecessary items that wasted budgets, such as ads linked to 404 landing pages and low volume keywords.

One Month PPC Results

In total, we have made over 1.3k changes to the accounts. These changes include expansion in ads including Responsive Search Ads in Norwegian and Swedish across all campaigns, bid strategy changes, keyword research, restructuring of ad groups and optimisation for high converting opportunities.

Norweigan Account Changes

Swedish Account Changes

The two most significant changes were implementing the following:

Additional Text Ads

Google ad texts ads are the first listing on a search engine results page you see when you do a google search. They are made up of a headline, description, and display URL. A successful google text ad needs to at least have compelling ad copy, path fields in the display URL, ad extensions, mobile-optimisation, a/b testing, and a dedicated landing page.

We have created additional ad copies based on specific product lines (sport type/category) and target audience (men, women, children). We also added additional landing pages based on the target audience and maintained generic ad copy for brand awareness.

Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads are a version of text ads that allow you to create an ad that adapts to share more text – and more relevant messages – to your customers. You can enter multiple headlines and descriptions when creating a responsive search ad and over time google ads will automatically test different combinations and learn which combinations perform best.

We have added RSA’s across all ad groups after these were narrowed and restructured according to the ad group best practice. A significant contribution was made to Swedish account as it was less developed and did not have any RSA’s at the time of taking over the account.

P.S. all campaign landing page URL’s have been changed to secure (HTTPS) domain.

Results after one month

Norweigan Account

  • 65% decrease in account spend
  • 162% increase in ROAS, now 7.6
  • 4% increase in conversion rate, now 2.2%

Swedish Account

  • 67% decrease in account spend
  • 375% increase in ROAS, now 17.1
  • 72% increase in conversion rate, now 3.8%

These results go to show how beneficial it is to do regular PPC audits on accounts. Google is always changing, so something that worked last year might not be getting you the best results 12 months down the line. Daily monitoring, keeping your account up to date and understanding the Google Ads fundamentals is essential to maximising your ad performance and ultimately your return on ad spend.

What’s next?

Needless to say, they have been a fun client to work on. They’ve had us daydreaming about the day the ski slopes are opened again! We are in the midst of launching a campaign on Social Media, as well as optimising the Google Ads accounts even further.

We’ve set some pretty high benchmarks to meet when we start work on the European and Dutch markets in the next few months, stay tuned to see how we measure up!

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