Continued Multilingual PPC Success for Air Charter Company

Private Jet Charter is a global private charter company with offices all around the world including Dubai, the US, UK, and everywhere in between.

Having been in the charter industry for over 30 years, they have worked hard to become one of the premier aircraft charter brokers worldwide by providing the highest standards in everything they do.

ExtraDigital were able to meet these high standards through our PPC management for their UK and Arabic sites. Following up on our last case study where we saw promising initial results, here are some incredible results we were able to see over the course of 6 months.

PPC Results

increase in
Conversion Rate

increase in the
Number of conversions

reduction in the
Average CPC

reduction in
Cost Per Conversion

All of these results have been achieved with the same cost.

A unified Digital Marketing Strategy

PPC was not the only player for this client. To see great results, it’s important to have all of your marketing parts working together. ExtraDigital created a full marketing plan including SEO, Supporting Social Media Management, Web Design/Development, and Email Marketing.

This meant that in addition to our extensive knowledge of the Google Ad’s platform, with full control of the marketing were able to ensure success beyond a PPC click. This includes building and optimising the landing pages all the way through to email campaigns to nurture clients ongoing.

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