Back to back PPC improvements

During this time of unprecedented...!

How sick are we, hearing this intro of late. Yes, it's been a very turbulent time for many, and our thoughts go out to all those affected by the pandemic. But it's not all doom and gloom, and where there is a little light in the darkest of times, we should celebrate this and bring it to the fore.

With that in mind, we wanted to highlight our recent client success, that demonstrates significant growth in the face of adversity, with a little help from our experienced PPC Management Services.

Bow Wow Meow, (catchy name, right?) Is an online retailer of high quality engraved pet tags. They have a plethora of styles, designs and options for engraving with your pet pouches or favourite felines names.

ExtraDigital took over the management of Bow Wow Meow's paid advertising around a year ago, and since then we have cultivated a high-performing, profitable account. But since March, something incredible has happened.

Through expert budget allocation and raft of new responsive search ads, we have met huge demand and made continual improvements across all the major KPIs for the past three months!

This would have been five-month, but we were just shy of
improving a single KPI in May, the cheek of it ;-)

Check out these stats from March 2020 to July 2020.

  • +85% increase in conversions.
  • +48% increase in clicks.
  • -40% reduction in cost per conversion.
  • +100% increase in conversion value.

PPC Clicks

Boosting the click-through rate is the first task to drive growth, and by refining our existing range of ads and introducing some new responsive search ads, we managed to increase clicks by 48%.

PPC Conversions

In this case, a conversion is a sale on the client's website. From March 2020 conversions have skyrocketed by 85%. Keeping our client busier than ever, and their engraving machine working overtime.

PPC Conversion Value

This increase in conversions is combined with customers spending more each time they buy. We detailed a 100% increase in the conversion value over the five months from March 2020.

Cost Per Conversion

Marry those stats with a -40% reduction in Cost Per Conversion, and you can start to imagine the impact this had had for Bow Wow Meow. More sales, worth more money at a lower cost, what's not to like? And who would have thought we would be saying that back in March.

The client is over the moon with the results and is set for a jam-packed summer. Their only complaint is that their offices are becoming a little too warm with the engraving machine working overtime, our solutions for that? Ice-creams.

ExtraDigital has been managing our PPC for over a year, and we are delighted with the results.  With an 85% increase in conversions, 48% increase in clicks, 40% reduction in cost per conversion and 100% increase in conversion value over the past 5 months, they have really helped to maintain and grow our business throughout the lockdown.

The team provides exceptional customer service – they are always available and quick to respond, providing recommendations where needed and nice, easy-to-read monthly reports.

We are looking forward to working with ExtraDigital to continue this growth in the future.

Marina Gower
Bow Wow Meow Ltd

We're poised to grow this account further, and will work closely with Bow Wow Meow to ensure this is done efficiently and scaled in line with the business capacity. ExtraDigital have been forthcoming with recommendations and the team at Bow Wow Meow have several ideas to continue this impressive performance over the coming months.

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