6-Monthly Success for PPC and LinkedIn

The project: PPC and LinkedIn management for a high-value B2B SaaS client

Annual Target: Agreed number of meetings booked through paid advertising, the amount varies per brand.

Summary: For one of our long-standing SaaS clients, our mid-year review highlighted that 2023 is off to a great start for many of the 15 brands we manage digital advertising campaigns across.

We have boosted conversions through their Google Ads and increased their lead gen capabilities through LinkedIn campaigns in the first half of the year, exceeding our annual benchmarks already.


  • Managing and optimising both Google Ads and LinkedIn campaigns in the EMEA, NA and APAC regions
  • Account management at all levels down to individual keywords
  • Monitoring the strength of the landing page copy in relation to the live ads and the targeted keywords
  • In-depth market, competitor, and keyword research


  • Lead Gen = Met the 12-month benchmark in only 6 months
  • ROI from this work was = 17, meaning every $1 we spent, we made $17 for the client

While these are results from only one of the brands we manage for this client, the other 14 are seeing very positive improvements year on year.

In an increasingly competitive, and frankly more expensive, Paid Search market it is extremely important to have your Google Ads account optimised to its fullest to make the most of your ad spend.

Our consultants at ExtraDigital show our clients where they can trim the fat and start streamlining the performance of their campaigns, ultimately increasing their ROI through paid channels.

Ready to improve your Google Ads or Paid Social ROI? Speak to our team today!

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