German Paid Search for Global TIC Provider

The client

Our client, a leading global provider of Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) services, operates across diverse industries where service failure is not an option. ExtraDigital manages its German brands, focusing on lead generation through Paid Search and SEO in German.

Our work

We have been managing the client's accounts for six months, during which we have witnessed several successes in increased visibility, lead generation, and positive ROAS.

When we started work, the client had a relatively low budget to spend on Google Ads. Through our strategic paid search and SEO efforts, we successfully generated quality leads at a low cost in the first few months, making the most of the budget they had.

The paid search campaigns were limited by budget, we recommended the client invest more budget to see even better results – increasing leads and lowering the cost per lead further.

With the increased budget, we saw just that – more leads at a cheaper cost p/lead for their services.

How did this happen?

First, we needed to ensure the campaigns were set up to make the most of their tight Google Ads budget. This entailed ensuring we had close-knit, high-intent keyword targets so we would only spend money on relevant traffic. We considered the average lead value to ensure campaigns were running profitably - aiming never to pay more for a lead than it was worth.

A perfectly set up and optimised campaign can only go so far with a budget that is not competitive. A healthy budget will allow you to beat your competitors' bids and have higher ad placement. Higher ad placement means your ads are usually the first ones displayed, increasing visibility and clicks.

The results?

The campaign did so well with the higher budget that the sales team couldn’t handle the amount of leads coming in.

Until they could get their sales processes in place, we were asked to reduce the budget to reduce the number of leads coming in.

About 2 months later, once the client's sales team was prepared to manage the increased lead volume, we increased the budget again.

The decision to reinstate the higher budget proved to be a wise one. The client experienced a renewed surge in leads for their Certification services, and the sales team, now equipped to handle the increased workload, successfully converted a significant portion of these leads into clients.

Building on the success in the German market, the client has expressed interest in expanding our PPC and SEO efforts to their Danish territories.


The successful management of the German brands shows our ability to adapt and respond to challenges collaboratively. By understanding the client's internal constraints and working closely with their teams, we overcame hurdles and proved that marketing is effective for lead generation.

ExtraDigital offers in-house Multilingual Marketing Consultants who understand the complexities of their native language and local customs to consider in marketing messaging. Whether Arabic, German, Spanish, French or even American, our team is ready to help you connect with new audiences online.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your international marketing needs!

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