Multilingual sites built on a Wordpress Multisite

Private Jet Charter (PJC) has been one of the leading air charter companies for over 30 years. Flying their clientele around the world, they provide a luxury experience matched by a high-end service.

For the past year, ExtraDigital has worked with PJC on several initiatives to drive growth. As part of that pursuit, it was deemed that their foreign language sites, were inadequate, no-longer serviced the need of the user and did not reflect the modern, high-end air charter service offered by PJC.

ExtraDigital were instructed to redevelop the existing multilingual offering to give ensure PJC’s language sites matched the recently redesigned Private Jet Charter site. It was crucial that each language site offered the same luxury experience and conveyed the core values of the brand.

WordPress Multisite

We chose to implement a WordPress Multisite to house the six foreign language sites that PJC offer to its wider audience. The multisite allowed us to retain the core theme we had built, style and plugins used but alter the content accordingly for the appropriate audiences.

What is a WordPress Multisite

A multisite is a WordPress configuration that enables the management of multiple sites from a single installation. This functionality is built into the core of WordPress and can easily be implemented.


ExtraDigital are highly proficient in designing and developing websites for foreign audiences. We leant on our years of experience when faced with developing six language sites for PJC.

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian
  • German
  • Italian
  • Arabic

PJC had existing language site for these, but the content was old and stale and with the implementation of a new design and theme there were many translations to consider to ensure the user experience (UX) suited the intended audience.

ExtraDigital boast several native language speakers on staff, so many of the translations for the sites were handled in-house. Where written content needed to be adapted for the correct audience the content was analysed and rewritten to convey the same meaning in the native tongue.

Theme Translations

The creation of the WordPress Multisite entries made the management of the sites relatively easy and removed some of the head-aches we would have encountered if they were separate site. That said, the correct languages still needed to be implemented for core site functions.

Our lead developer on this project worked closely with the team of translators to ensure that at each stage of the user interaction with the site they were meant with the correct terminology used in their respected language.

Over the years ExtraDigital has designed, built, maintained and marketed countless multilingual websites. We have a vast level of experience and our in-house team of native language speakers enables us to offer fantastic insight to our clients.

If you’re looking to broaden your horizons and engage with audiences in further languages, reach out to ExtraDigital today!

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