Successful New German Website Launch for Antargaz

Antargaz is part of the largest LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) consortium in Europe, UGI, providing commercial and residential customers services. Antargaz is the German brand that helps customers transition from old energy sources such as wood, oil or electricity to the clean and affordable LPG by renting tanks and delivering refills.

ExtraDigital were approached in 2020 to provide German Digital Marketing and translation services. The aim is to introduce the Antargaz new German website to search engines and capture the German target audience's attention.

The Project

Antargaz wanted a website that would address both B2C and B2B leads.

After the website's launch, we dove headfirst into a German SEO content plan for Antargaz. We onboarded the client to HubSpot, an excellent CRM for managing leads and building an Inbound Content Strategy. Next, we started with research into audiences, keywords, and topic clusters. We knew we wanted to introduce a relatively known product to the market, so we decided to direct our persona to the benefits of LPG via the general Google search for 'switching energy'. A significant undertaking, as the main keyword "LPG" was already thoroughly occupied by the competition, as well as the keyword subgroup "benefits of switching to LPG".

To build authority over these already competitive keywords, we personalised a B2C target page for our buyer persona and a detailed landing page that introduces the many LPG benefits. Further sub-pages support the individual terms relating to LPG benefits through affordability, cleanliness and grants benefits.

To boost traffic to these pages, we developed an Inbound Strategy for Social Media (Paid and Organic) and Google Ads PPC campaign.


In the first two months we saw:


engagement rate

In the third month alone we saw:

PPC users

organic engagement rate

Since the onboarding on HubSpot, we have seen great results. The website's traffic has increased, we see great engagement metrics and Antargaz has received multiple queries.

Read the Antargaz Portfolio to learn more about the website build.

What's next?

Now that the site has gotten some traction with initial content, alongside ongoing SEO optimisation the next goal is to launch a gated document presenting the value of LPG, allowing the client to capture and store information from new leads in HubSpot.

We expect to see some significant traffic and lead generation results in the next three months… stay tuned!

Looking for German marketing experts? ExtraDigital would love to help! We are a proud multilingual agency with native speaking German staff, allowing us to provide high-quality German marketing services. From website development to German paid social and PPC advertising, fill in the contact form below if you'd like to speak with us about your German requirements. 

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