Fantastic German eCommerce Results!

Over the last 7 weeks, we have been working with a UK based eCommerce company who have been targeting Germany and German audiences for over a year now with their purpose built German eCommerce store.

The client in question,, provide a range of high-quality boot liners for various different cars including Ford, Kia and Volkswagen.

The Project

We were approached to supply a full SEO and PPC service for their German site. The client was very keen to improve the number of sales of their boot liners from their website in Germany.

Work began on this project in early October 2016 and since then we have focused on the following areas to help boost sales:

  • Onsite technical improvements
  • Onsite content creation and optimisation
  • Optimisation of the website’s Google Shopping feed
  • Paid advertising improvements and continued optimisation
  • Minor site alterations to improve UX and conversions

The Results

After 7 weeks of careful and dedicated work, we were able to report the following results to our client –

Increase in Sales

November 2016 saw a 43% increase in sales from October 2015

November 2016 also saw the best monthly sale figures for the website in its lifetime and was 231% better than November 2015

The Google Shopping ads saw a 340% improvement in just 6 days after the Google Shopping feed optimisation


With an ecstatic client and the potential for even more improvements in coming months – why not see how we can improve your online marketing to get you and your business these fantastic results.

You can learn more about ExtraDigital’s PPC management, UX improvements and Google Shopping feed optimisation services to help take your website to another level by contacting our team today.

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Start 2017 in the right way with our online marketing services!

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