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Working with The Royal Marsden on their Arabic Private Care offering raises some interesting challenges.

How do you attract an audience, keep them engaged with your brand and ultimately be their go-to when there comes the need the life-changing care that Europe's leading cancer specialist offers.

When engaging with audiences on Social Media, we leverage the story behind the brand highlighting the pursuit of excellence and the striving ambition to make the lives of those suffering with cancer better.

“The Royal Marsden, we deal with cancer every day so we understand how valuable life is. And when people entrust their lives to us, they have the right to. demand the very best.”

Arabic Social Media Marketing

This dedication to the value of life is something that resonates well among audiences online, and over the time we have worked with The Royal Marsden we have nurtured large audience on social media and offered content that educates, informed and reassures. While ensuring our audiences are up to date with the latest treatments, techniques and facilities that the Royal Marsden has to offer.

Audience Segmentation

To help nurture these audiences we, like all good marketeers would do, began to segment the audiences by their persona traits. This way we were able to offer relevant content to specific audiences to match their interest or level of awareness with the centre.

With our Arabic Social Media offering covering multiple countries across MENA, we decided to take this segmentation a step further, by localising the content to the top cities through-out this region.

The effect of which has been very promising, we can now offer targetted content to our audiences in specific areas of MENA, localising the content in approach to the language and style of the promoted content.

We’re seeing that in the large cities through-out MENA, English content actually is more desirable, than when written in the Native language. We’re also seeing a preference for video, in the English language with Arabic subtitles offering the user complete understanding however fluent they are in the spoken English words.

Drive engagement with relevance

It’s these findings that are helping us to drive awareness of the Private Care centre and increase enquiries and referrals from this region when people need it most.

If you’re looking to connect and understand your audience in order to give them more of what they want, then speak with ExtraDigital today to discuss a more personal approach to digital marketing for your business.


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