Arabic property investment website

ExtraDigital designed and built a website in both English and Arabic for property investment in London.

We were chosen because of our Arabic language expertise having produced arabic websites since 2005. This property website was targetting investors in London and gave information about different areas of London. It includes information on properties, on areas of London and have interactive maps with more information.

Arabic - English website design

We designed and built both the Arabic and English language websites, also providing the Arabic translation.

Arabic property website features

  • Homepage with banner
  • Interactive property search map
  • Local information
  • Property information - list of properties with features in each
  • Property finder
  • Property search with filters
  • Contact form

Website in arabic was setup correctly for arabic users with correct right to left search. Database was setup to allow arabic language searches to give good results. 

If you are looking for an Arabic website, or an Arabic-English website then call us today on 01227 686898.

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